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 EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines   Wed Jun 10, 2015 4:10 pm

Madden League Rules:

8 Minute Quarters
All-Madden Difficulty
Create a Coach


NO CUSTOM PLAYBOOKS ALLOWED.  You may use any team's playbook or the "special" playbooks setup (ex. Run & Gun, etc).  You may not use Custom Playbooks due to the risk of money play abuse.  There is plenty of playbooks that will fit anyone's style of play and will exhibit SIM style play.  

Advance schedule will be Monday and Friday at 7 am EST.  This will give you plenty of time to complete your games.  If for any reason we complete all games before the scheduled advance time, the league may be advanced earlier.  Please stay active in the forums for news on early advance or advance schedule changes.

Each week, you will be required to schedule your games.  I will not hold up advance on account of games not being played/scheduled, regardless of whatever your excuse is.  Please check the contact information for your opponent and work to get your game scheduled towards the end of prior week advance or at the beginning of the current week advance.  Do not use GroupMe as the only source of contacting your opponent.  If they do not respond in GroupMe, please text your opponent

Auto Pilot Requests
 If you are going to be on vacation or are unable to play, please post in the forums in advance to ensure that we put you on auto pilot for that week.  Do not request an auto pilot unless you can provide proof that your opponent has given the okay.  If you are having issues with your opponent not scheduling, or does not show up to a scheduled time, please let me know ASAP and provide proof of no communication.  Please give your opponent time to respond.  Most of us work and may not have access to our phones during the day so please respect their time.

Roster Requirements:
All teams must have a minimum roster size of 48 and a maximum of 53 players, excluding injured reserve.  

Play Style:
This is a SIM Madden League.  You are expected to mix up play calling on both sides of the ball.  
• Defense:
On defense, you may not run primarily 2 Man Under or one particular zone defense.  You will need to mix it up between man defense, zone defenses, and blitzes.  
• Offense:
On offense, you should mix up the formations (ex. Single back, I-Form, Strong, Shotgun, Pistol, etc.).  I will be watching closely the Pass: Run Ratios.  Please try and keep them balanced.  I understand in the NFL, some teams are more pass heavy or run heavy than others.  You should run the ball at a minimum 7 times a game and pass the ball a minimum of 7 times a game.  Do not run chew clock until 2 min left in 4th quarter.

This year, there is a “chew clock” option.  This is not to be used unless you are up multiple scores within 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

Goal Line Formation:
You are only allowed to use the goal line formations when you are within 10 yards from scoring or within 5 yards of your own end zone.  This applies to both sides of the ball.

Onside Kicks:
Onside kicks are allowed within 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter and you are losing.

4th Down Rules:
You may go for it on 4th down in the following situations:

• Down at any time during the 4th quarter.  
• If you are at 4th & 1 or inches and past the 45 yard line into opponents territory and losing by more than 14 points during the first 3 quarters of the game.

Scrambling with the QB:
QB play is a touchy subject in most Madden leagues.  Here are some rules regarding QB play:
• Use the pocket on pass plays.  Do not scramble as soon as the ball is snapped.  You should only scramble when you have to (ex. When you are about to get sacked).
• Do not drop back a ton of yards so that you can throw deep to your receivers
• Do not snap the ball and run towards the side line and wait for a WR to break his route.  This is a glitch in the game and will not be tolerated.   If you are still in the pocket and are forced outside, it is a different story.
• I know the Option has become an important part of the game, however; this does not mean that your QB should be leading the team in rushing attempts.  Please limit QB rushes to 5 attempts max.  

Pre-Snap Player Movement:
• Defense:
You are allowed to move only one player before the snap as long as it is within that player’s area (ex. You cannot take a LB and move him to the opposite side of the field, and you cannot move a Safety all the way down to the line).  If you move a player before the snap, you must control that player until after the play starts.
• Offense:
You can manually move a player prior to the snap, but that player must be set before the ball is snapped.  Plays that have designed players in motion are fine.  Please do not motion a WR behind the offensive line and then snap the ball.  Once you motion a player to a specific spot, that player must remain there until the ball is snapped.
• Special Teams:
You may not manually move players on special teams prior to the snap.  On kickoffs, you cannot manually move a player as an extra blocker on returns.  You will only need to control the kick returner the game establishes after the ball is kicked.

No Huddle/Hurry Up Offense:
No Huddle/Hurry up offense is allowed in the following situations:
• Down by 21 points or more at any time in the game.
• Within the last 2 minutes of the 1st half.
• Anytime during the 4th quarter if you are losing, regardless of point margin.

We all know that with every Madden game, there are glitches in the game.  Past glitches include rocket catching, nano blitzing, and depth chart.  Please do not use glitches as they will be recognized and are not tolerated.

Playing vs CPU:
We all know that the CPU can be an easy win.  Please do not make the score reflect how easy it can be.  There should not be a 35+ point win against a CPU.  Stat padding and number of plays will be closely watched and win margin should not exceed 35.  The average number of offense plays for a CPU game, playing according to the rules should be around 50 plays.  In addition, please do not use super sim unless the commish is notified in advance that you need to use it.  It should not be used unless we are coming close to advance time.  Play your games fairly against CPU and do not allow their offense to score just so you can score more points. 

Playing vs Owner:
This section should also be titled sportsmanship.  We all know there are different skill levels of players in Madden.  If you find that you are blowing out your opponent, keep it classy and run the ball (avoiding huge runs).  Do not score to make it worse.  If you are down, do not call timeouts if you are down by 21 points or more within the two minute warning.  Respect the other owner, regardless if you are on the winning or losing in.  

Disconnections/Quitting a Game:
You should never quit during a game, including games vs CPU.  Doing so will result in immediate removal from the league.  If EA servers fail or your internet connection craps out, please take a picture of your screen and the message you get and either private message me or text me.  If you are playing another owner and this happens the following situations need to happen:
• If before halftime and game is within 35 points, the game should be restarted.  If an opponent is blowing out the other opponent by 35 or more points, he would be awarded a CPU game.
• If a disconnection occurs after halftime, the scoreboard will decide the outcome.  If there is a possibility of a comeback (at least 2 possessions) the game should be restarted.  Communication should be made and an agreement of the two owners on restarting from scratch or getting the game back to the score at time of disconnection.  This should not lead to an argument.  When in doubt, try to get the score and time back to where it was at time of disconnection.  Communication between the two owners is key.  If the issue leads to an argument and comes back to the commissioner, it will be a CPU sim, and you will not want that to be the result.

Complaints and Consequences:
If you have a complaint, a formal complaint will need to be filed no earlier than 12 hours after the game has been played.  If the complaint is about gameplay, please provide proof or your complaint.  The complaint will be reviewed and a decision will be made on whether a consequence will be handed down or not.  Record will be kept on who files the complaint, who the complaint was about, the nature of the complaint, and the result.  

Course of action for complaints will result in the following:

1st complaint: Warning
2nd complaint: Suspension of highest overall player  for one game, depending on  complaint
3rd complaint: Suspension of highest overall player for three games, depending on complaint
4th complaint: Immediate removal from the league

Final Comments:
We are all adults and should be treated like adults.  I should not have to babysit you in this league.  It is designed for competitive, but laid back play.  We all want to win but we also want to have fun.  Be respectful of each other.  Communication is key for any successful league.  Be active in the chat and in the forums.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.  We should be able to be civilized and talk about madden, sports, and whatever else is going on.  Please do not post pornography, limit foul language in the chats and forums, and do not use any discriminatory terms.  Failure to do so will follow the same course of action above.  

Free Agency Draft:
At the beginning of each season, there will be two rounds of a free agent draft.  This will take place during the first week of preseason and you will have a deadline of 4pm EST on the day designated by the commissioner to private message your free agent choices.  The first free agent draft will be based on the record of the NFL team in which you are the coach of.  Every free agent draft forward will be based on the record of your team from the prior season (should be the same as the draft order).  Before private messaging the commissioner with your free agent choices, please make sure you have the funds to sign these players, or you have a plan in place to free up cap space.  Do not pick up any free agents until the free agency draft results have been posted.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of your free agency draft selections.  

Free Agency:
You are limited to two 70+ OVR free agency pickups each week.  You may not pick up a player who you just dropped to minimize the salary cap hit. You are able to pick up unlimited free agents under 70 OVR.

Depth Chart:
QB -> QB
HB -> HB
FB -> FB or behind all TEs on depth chart
WR -> WR (cannot put at 3rd down HB or TE)
TE -> TE or behind all FBs on depth chart
O-Line -> Can be used anywhere on O-line
DT -> DT, DE
DE -> DT, DE
CB -> CB, FS, SS
FS -> FS, CB, SS
SS -> SS, FS, CB
K -> K
P -> P
KOS -> K or P

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PostSubject: Re: EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines   Tue Jun 23, 2015 11:49 am

I agree to these rules!
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PostSubject: Re: EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines   Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:55 pm

I agree
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PostSubject: Re: EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines   Thu Aug 20, 2015 3:26 pm

I agree
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PostSubject: Re: EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines   Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:12 am

i agree to the rules
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PostSubject: Re: EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines   Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:42 am

I agree
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PostSubject: Re: EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines   Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:07 pm

I agree
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PostSubject: Re: EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines   Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:36 pm

i agree
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PostSubject: Re: EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines   

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EMC SIM League Rules and Guidelines
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